Bandit Van Cise

Bandit Van Cise was born in Hartford City, Indiana, on April 11, 2009.  He was adopted into the Van Cise family in June of the same year. 


At first, Bandit was a very quiet and calm puppy, but we soon discovered that he was inquisitive a loud barker, and a thief (thus the name).  His favorite activities were stealing socks at an early age, but this progressed into taking used kleenexes, dirty laundry, unattended food, pens, pencils, and board game pieces.  True to his breed, he loved nothing more than to herd children on bicycles and loudly greet the postal workers who dared to step on his front porch every day. 


His favorite place to recline was by the back sliding doors where he could keep an eye on the yard and anything that approached.  He always perked up when family vehicles came home from school or work.  He then raced around to the front window where his head would pop up with that characteristic smile and friendly greeting.  He had hind legs that were like springs that allowed him to vertically jump from the floor to the top of the sliding back door when anyone or anything breached the property line.  In spite of his challenging nature, he was an extremely faithful companion who was always in the same room as you.  He loved riding in the car and performing tricks for treats.  His favorite human foods were Cheetos and chicken.  If you weren’t feeding him fast enough, he would urge you on with a gentle paw on your arm.


Bandit passed away on February 25, 2023, with his human mom, dad, and one of his sisters by his side.  He is survived by his human family: mom Alana, dad Dan, sister Carissa (Skylir), brother Ethan (Kristin), and sister Brianna.  He also is survived by his animal nieces and nephews Stormie, Zelda, Chief, Baby, and Finn.


His large personality and constant presence have left a hole in our hearts and he will be missed!

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