Bear Simon

Hi, my name is Bear. I also respond to Bear Bear and Big Bear. The neighborhood kids used to call me Tree Stump Dog because I was so tall, but I didn’t respond to that. I was born on October 18, 2011, but the joy in my life really began when I was adopted by my fourth or forever family, my dad and mom Frank and Tasha Simon on August 15, 2012. I was 10 months old when my dad and mom adopted me, and I already weighed 102 pounds! A little over a month after I came to my forever home, a couple chased my mom down and offered $2,000 for me! But my parents already loved me so much that they would never let anyone take me away. A week later, I caught a man trying to break into my mom’s truck. I protect my family. They loved me and cared for me and were with me when I crossed the rainbow bridge on September 14, 2023. My favorite thing to do was take my Public Relations walks, meeting new people who would love all over me, exclaiming over how huge I was and how friendly. Many had never met a bronze Newfoundland before, and I was happy to make their acquaintance. My family and I loved going to First Fridays, Ducktail Run, trips to Big R, Matter Park, Gas City Park, all over Marion, and Main Street in Gas City. I never met a stranger, only instant friends. I also loved to visit Granny Alice in the nursing home and take walks with Mamaw Renee. I love that I get to be with them again now and tell them “hi” from my dad and mom. Winter was my favorite time of year. It was so fun to play in the snow. I never wanted to go back inside if there was snow to tumble around in. Though summer did have its perks, especially if there was a picnic or cookout nearby. I was so good at sneaking the delicious food, and I loved it when my parents would leave bread where I could reach it. So tasty! I also loved to drink water from the bathtub, so fresh and cold. But if that wasn’t available, I was also happy with toilet water. That bowl was the perfect height for me! I have a younger brother Timber, who’s a bit of a grouch, but I know he misses me, too. My mom and dad couldn’t have babies of their own, so Timmy and I became their children. And what a blessing we have been to them! When we lived at the farmhouse, there were so many other animals to play with! My favorite friends were the chickens. I would chase them and suck on them when I caught them. My parents called me the Chicken Terrorizer, but it was really just a fun game I liked to play with my feathered friends. I know my parents and younger brother miss me, as well as the rest of my family and the friends I’ve met along the way, but I am so happy now that I can run and play again. I’ll be here waiting with Great Granny Alice and Mamaw Renee when Jesus says it’s time for the rest of my family to be called home.

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