Cricket Clarence Anchovy Watson

Cricket Clarence Anchovy Watson




Cricket Clarence Anchovy Watson passed away in his mom’s arms on May 14, 2023. He was loved beyond all words and will be missed immensely.


Cricket was born on a farm in rural Columbus, Indiana, in late 2019. He climbed in the engine of the farmer’s truck and rode all the way into town. The farmer discovered him and brought him into his office, where Cricket’s future mom also happened to work. She stole food from the employee fridge for him and held him all day. She knew he was hers from the moment she saw him.


Cricket never meowed in his life. He did, however, make the happiest, most beautiful chirping noise, just like his namesake. His vet once described this sound as “strange and perfect”, which is probably the best way to describe Cricket as a whole.


Cricket loved to be snuggled and held and get kisses on his head. He was a terrible hunter and tried to make friends with every mouse he encountered. The only food he ever begged for was ice cream, despite never even having it. He was gentle and kind and silly and deserved to live to 110.


Cricket is preceded in death by his best dog friend, Moose. He is survived by his mom, Jessa; uncle, Garett; grandma, Sandi; beloved cat sister, Maron; dog sister, Mae; sweet friend, Jane Daniel; and dog friend, Yuma.


Cricket - One day, your mom will find the right words and they will be simple, but, for now, she wants to say this: “Endless love, see you down the road.”


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