Harley Chaplin

Harley Chaplin passed away unexpectedly at home in his mother’s arms on March 20, 2019.  He was born on July 19, 2009 in Milford, Indiana.  He was the only white boxer puppy in the litter and his mom fell in love the moment she met him. 


Harley loved his mom more than anything in this world! They were best friends and he would go anywhere with her.  Harley was mischievous but also very sweet.  He was happy most of the time and was never without a smile on his face and a wiggly stubby tail.  He was very protective of his family and playful. Harley loved spending time outside on nice sunny days barking at people walking down the street.  Harley also loved to torment his brother Bentley and his Uncle Brutus.  Harley was diagnosed with severe pancreatitis and a heart arrythmia a few years before he passed away but was in great care with Dr. Ratliff and all of the wonderful staff at Comfort Veterinary Hospital.  Before Harley was diagnosed with severe pancreatitis, he loved going on car rides with grandma to get cheeseburgers and vanilla sundaes from McDonalds.   He especially loved going on car rides with his mom and being able to stick his head out of her sunroof and let his floppy ears blow in the wind, feeling like a king.  His mom would pick him up during her lunch and take him with her to run errands.  Harley had a load of health issues but he never let them slow him down.  He was very energetic and full of life. 


Harley’s family misses him dearly and thinks of him often.  Harley’s family is thankful he passed away at home in his favorite humans arms.  There will never be another exactly like Harley. 


Harley is preceded in death by his Aunts; Cookie, Candy and Lucy.

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