Ohno! McGillicutty Flint

Ohno! McGillicutty Flint was born on a day of which we’re not sure, but it was a day that God blessed the World with the Most Amazing dog. 

Ohno! was a rescue dog from Macon, Georgia.  He enjoyed spending his days sleeping, eating, barking, and protecting his family from the evil mailman and who so ever came to our door.  His bravery was not bound by his 15 pounds of muscle and brawn. He was also an avid hoarder of his treats and toys. Those he loved, he loved a whole bunch and would not hesitate to sit on your lap and chill for as long as you would let him.

Ohno! died unexpectedly on September 4th, 2021.  He is survived by his Mother, Melissa and Father, Gunner and several siblings, both four legged and two.  His Grandmother Kathie and Grandfather Jim also survive.

Ohno! would want you to know that he was the best boy ever and he had a great life and was loved deeply.  He will forever be missed and never replaced.  Also, adopt, don’t shop!! 

See you on the Rainbow Bridge!    

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