Phoebe Brewer

Phoebe came into our lives May 8, 2018. She was a loving dog that loved everyone she came across. She saw our kids and every other kid as her puppy. When they went to school, she would wait by the door and had to be reassured they would return each day. Phoebe loved to go on the walkway for her walks and do small jogs with mom. When dad was home, Phoebe was a major daddy’s girl that would sometimes kick mom out of the bed. She loved her Starbucks trips for a pup cup! Phoebe helped watch babies and puppies when they came over. She even had a weekend at Mississinewa 1812 and loved everyone that came to pet her.  She’d seen 3 kids graduate and the youngest make it to high school. Phoebe is forever loved and missed by everyone.


Survivors include her hoomans: Johnson and Amanda Brewer, Logan Nabors, Johnathan Nabors, Carson Brewer, Bishop Brewer; her fur-siblings, Candice, Little, Puddin, Bebo, Callie, Lucy, and the ferrets.


She was preceded in death by her fur-siblings, Sheeba, Illidan, Sylvanis, and Remy.

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