Rix C. Lynn Sage

Rix C. Lynn Sage

February 26, 2011 ~ June 3, 2023


Mommy's baby, Mammaw's Boo, passed over the rainbow, over the river and through the woods to find her memaw, Romine.


Even though she had her own room, she knew she was "Queen of the House". She would greet you at the door and escort you out. She would only bark if she was hungry and would only drink water from the bathtub faucet. She would jump in the tub and sit and wait for you to turn on the faucet. She had her own fan and you better not lay in front of it because she would push you out of the way. She loved going for rides and sticking her head through the sunroof. Yes, rides, walks to the park…just say go and she was ready. We had to start spelling the words because she would get so excited, but she learned what we were spelling. So, then we had to whisper. She always knew about what time of day her mommy would be home from work and would sit at the door or end of the driveway and wait to see her. She liked to rough house with Brad and Willy.


Her human friends and family left to cherish her memory are mom, Charity; grandma, Belinda; papa, Tom; grandma, Bonnie; uncle, Bob; friends, Darlene and Friday Night Special. Her dog friends left behind are Buddy and Buster.


She was preceded in death by grandpa, Bob; her mom and dad, Sophie and Murphy; and brother and sister as well.

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