Toby "Tobleeta" Davis

With heavy hearts, Toby “Tobleeta” Davis left his loving family late Thursday evening on August 25, 2022, with his mom and dad by his side. 


Toby came into our lives in 2009.  He was just a pup.  When we first saw him, big paws and ears, we fell in love with him at first glance.  His first car ride to our home would not be his last because he loved being in the front seat as the co-pilot.  That was his assigned seat, and everyone knew it!


When he was growing up, Toby was into everything, but we could never be mad at something so cute.  He loved to go outside and especially loved when the neighbor’s dog came down to visit.  He also loved playing with all of his cat sisters and brothers.  Toby loved it when Daddy came home.  He would wait for him at the window and then greet him at the door with his favorite toy rabbit.  He would then run over and jump on Mommy’s lap and wait for Daddy to come over and give him his lovin’.  Mommy especially loved snuggling him and giving him all the loves and kisses.  He was her baby.


Toby loved a lot of things.  However, Toby did NOT like to take baths.  This was his least favorite thing to do in life.  He fought it tooth and nail and ran away many times to Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom to avoid taking a bath at any cost.


Another thing Toby did not like is NOT being the center of attention.  In his mind, all affections were to go to him only and to no other canine or feline sibling.


We were blessed to have our big boy for 13 years and, if we could, we would have him for longer.  He is no longer in pain, and we will miss him more than he will ever know.  A piece of our hearts broke and can never be filled.


Toby is survived by his human parents, Jason (Heather) Davis; his human grandparents, Ron (Karen) Teegarden and Glenda Davis; canine brother, Zeus, with whom Toby didn’t see eye-to-eye; feline sister, Grogu; feline brother, Fluffs; and other extended family members.


He was preceded in death by his canine brother, Slick Davis, and his feline brother, Blondie.


“Mommy and Daddy love you, Toby!”


Arrangements have been entrusted to Needham-Storey-Wampner Funeral Service, Trusted Journey, 1341 N. Baldwin Ave., Marion, IN.


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