After the funeral service, many families reach out to express their gratitude for our support and guidance during one of the most difficult times in their lives, and we’re honored to receive their positive feedback. These messages speak for themselves, so we want to share them with you.



If you feel we’ve met or exceeded your expectations or just want to say thanks, please contact us or submit a testimonial below. We would love to hear from you and know that we made a positive impact on your family during a time of need.

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Using your funeral services at a difficult time was made much easier by the Funeral Director Ben Blankenship. He was very easy to work with and made the process easier than we expected. The service was perfect and the minister’s words were as well. Thank you for helping us lay our beloved husband/Dad to rest so nicely!

Ilona Swim & Kristel Baker

February 05, 2022

Kind, caring, informative & professional. We used their services over 10 years earlier and had no doubt we would use them again. They made the experience much easier to go through. Highly recommend.


January 12, 2022

Ben was kind, thorough, patient and did his job very capably. Nothing comes to mind that could have been better. Everything was taken care of.

Glen Atkinson Family

December 23, 2021

Jason answered all of our questions and was very knowledgeable about all aspects. He is very caring.

Irene Conrad Family

December 22, 2021

Your staff was very informative. Actually, the experience was made so much easier by your staff's kind and caring attitude.

David Atkinson Family

December 12, 2021

We really like Jason. He was very professional, considerate and easy to work with. He is perfect and doesn't need any improvement. We were very satisfied with your staff and the entire process.

Dawn Harris Family

December 11, 2021

Ben is a very thorough young man. He makes you feel welcome.

Michael Nelson, Jr. Family

December 07, 2021

Jason is a good guy to work with. He was on top of things.

Janet Bragg Family

December 06, 2021

We don' t know what could have been better. You all were excellent. There was no doubt in our minds that our service would be good.

Donna Lucas Family

December 04, 2021

Sarah is professional, courteous and helpful. She allowed us to consider our choices and gave us space and time to make our decision.

William Duncan Family

November 29, 2021

Ben was very professional and friendly. He explained everything clearly and was prompt especially when returning calls. We also appreciated your aftercare.

Joseph Williams Family

November 24, 2021

There was nothing NSW could have done any better.

James Kinzie Family

November 16, 2021

Jason was great; professional but very human and compassionate. He did everything just right. We were very satisfied. Thank you all!

Rosella Andrews

November 12, 2021

The staff at Needham funeral home were everything a good service should be. They were kind and compassionate through the difficult time of losing my husband due to covid. They even followed up with me several weeks after just to see how I was doing. I will be using their services for my mother who is on hospice. Highly recommend.

Brenda Hampel

November 02, 2021

Bill was very helpful and thorough. We certainly received professional service.

Robert Dray Family

October 23, 2021

There was no high pressure. Jason didn't try to over sale us and was very compassionate. We were really pleased.

Merrill Byers Family

October 10, 2021

We were all very impressed with Jason. He was very easy to talk to, treated us all with respect in or difficult time.

Roberta Corey Family

October 02, 2021

Bill is the best at what he does. The service was beautiful and very honoring to my dad.

Larry Glass

September 30, 2021

Jason went above and beyond for our family in everything. NSW is blessed to have such a compassionate and caring person as a funeral director.

Terry Mathias Family

September 29, 2021

Amber is good to work with. She is a professional and caring person; good for the job.

Bernard Emerson Family

September 14, 2021

Everything and everyone was so kind and compassionate! Thank you!

Edward Daniel "Ed" Clemens Family

April 29, 2021

Everything and everyone was so kind and compassionate! Thank you!

Edward Daniel "Ed" Clemens Family

April 29, 2021

Every staff person we encountered was professional, kind and top notch. We recommend you to everyone!

DeWayne E. "Dee" Lamb Family

April 17, 2021

You all are great. My husband looked great. You all are awesome. Thank you all very much.

Raymond Eccles Family

April 09, 2021

Jason was friendly, understanding, comfortable to be around and talk with. It would be hard to imagine how you could have served us any better.

Tonya Lamport Family

April 03, 2021

Bill did a very professional job. He was always available to answer questions or help in any way.

Nancy Maddox Family

March 29, 2021

Amber was very nice and explained everything so we could understand. Everything was done okay and we can think of anything else you could do better.

Daniel Scott "Scotty" Cornett

March 08, 2021

Everything was performed to our satisfaction. Heather did a great job. Mom looked beautiful.

Mary Bothwell Family

March 03, 2021

Sarah was professional, caring, helpful and excellent with every detail. We can't think of one thing that could have been better. We were so very pleased!

Paul Arthur Bowman Family

March 02, 2021

Jason was very compassionate, always asking if he could do anything else for the family. We don't think there was anything else that could have been done any better.

Michael Scott Nestleroad

March 01, 2021

Every area was done well. Keep doing what you are doing.

Rick Atkinson Family

February 23, 2021

Ben was kind, thoughtful and took care of all questions and concerns.

Ruth I. Heiny Family

February 11, 2021

Y'all did a great job and thanks for everything you did for us. God Bless

Clara Lynette Brown Family

February 08, 2021

Bill was a very calming presences ad very well informed on all of our questions.

Shirley Guarneri Famiy

January 15, 2021

Bill Thompson was a very calming presences and very well informed on all of our questions.

Shirley Guarneri

January 15, 2021

Sarah was very consoling and caring.

Ruby Hartgraves Family

January 05, 2021

Sarah was very consoling and caring. We can think of any shortcomings. Everyone was very caring.

Ruby M. Hartgraves Family

January 05, 2021

Ben was very professional and paid attention for our plan. He had placed Budd's sweatshirt in the casket with him, which was meaningful to our family, even though we had chose a different shirt.

Budd Teare Family

January 02, 2021

Ben was polite and professional. Lori was excellent. She was very easy to talk with during a difficult time.

Lewis Herring Family

December 23, 2020

Lori was excellent. She was very east to talk with during a difficult time.

Lewis D. Herring

December 23, 2020

Everything was well handled and went well.

John Combs Family

December 20, 2020

Bill Thompson was very kind and helpful. He was professional and guided us without being pushy. He was very much appreciated.

John Combs Family

December 20, 2020

Everyone was wonderful and very helpful.

Wayne King Family

December 10, 2020

Our family was very impressed with Sarah. She has a great personality and did not put any pressure on us. She let us choose what we wanted. We loved her.

Wayne King Family

December 10, 2020

Bill Thompson was excellent. He helped us navigate the numerous decisions and with great patience.

Earle Wilson Family

November 24, 2020

We had a great experience. We cannot think of anything that was missed.

Barbara Pyle Family

November 23, 2020

Bill Thompson was great. He even helped as a pallbearer.

Evelyn Craig Family

November 08, 2020

Tyler Jacobs and Kathy were so helpful. Everyone goes above and beyond what they need to do. You all were excellent. We loved that you all always walked us to the door.

Ricky Edward Ewing Family

February 13, 2020

Jason was excellent, tender and gentle. They prayed with us and made us feel at ease. Jason thought of things before we asked. Everything was conducted in a business like and professional way.

Bonnie Lou Lewis Family

February 02, 2020

Tyler Jacobs was good and Tish was very helpful. There is nothing that could have made it better. We do not have any complaints.

Jackie Lee Eck Family

January 22, 2020

Everyone on staff was great. We can't think of anything that could have been done better. Your post-funeral service has amazed us.

Betty Rosella Blinn Family

January 19, 2020

Ben helped a lot and took all of our suggestions. Prearranging also helped because we were so emotional. Tom looked so peaceful.

Thomas Mikeal Graves

January 10, 2020

NSW was our only choice; there is no other. Having prearrangments helped because we didn't have to think about everything.

Erma Jean Cochran Family

December 27, 2019

Everybody there is great and easy to talk to and could answer all our questions. Everyone was polite and pleasant.

Robert L. Wright Family

December 18, 2019

Ben was very nice and helpful. He made everything seamless. You all know how to handle things. We don't think there is anything you all could have done better. Mother looked beautiful!

Lois M. Southerland Family

December 17, 2019

We chose NSW because we were impressed and mom had prearrangements. Mom prided herself in taking care of things for us kids. Having the prearrangments were fantastic and a godsend from mom. We were so impressed with everything and that's why we came back and prearranged our funerals.

Mamie E. Dooley Rickman Family

December 01, 2019

Everyone did a really good job. We didn't have any complaints. Her family was here from out of state and they were very happy.

Barbara McPeak Family

November 29, 2019

You've always been good to me. You work so well with families. Tyler Jacobs and everyone else are well educated and helpful. You all work well with people. If there were changes, you made sure everything went well.

Lydia Combs Family

November 26, 2019

Tyler Jacobs was sensitive and listened carefully. He listened to each family member and was very patient. The service went above what we had arranged. We would recommend NSW to everyone.

Raul Sanchez, Sr. Family

November 24, 2019

Every service we have ever attended has been at NSW. We are familiar with them because our family has always used them. I trusted that you all would take care of us. Tyler Troxell was very attentive and accommodating to our needs and changes. We could really see Tyler's heart in serving our family. You totally met our needs and all of our expectations were met.

James Gerstorff Family

November 23, 2019

It's our hometown funeral home. Jason was very nice and knew exactly what he was doing. All our needs were met with superior professionalism. There isn't anything that could have gone better.

Ryan Herring Family

November 20, 2019

Our director, Tyler Jacobs, was really nice and knew what he was talking about. Made us comfortable in his knowledge.

Mary Huffman Family

November 11, 2019

You all were so good with dad, we knew we'd get good service. Tyler Troxell was fantastic. Whatever we needed, he helped us. You all met all of our needs. You took care of everything.

Carol Pressler Family

November 11, 2019

Ben was knowledgeable, able to make arrangements not so stressful. Your staff went over and above my expectations. Including many little things after that meant so much to us. Thank you again, it's the little things that mean so much.

Elizabeth Young Family

November 06, 2019

Mom's family have all used NSW. Jason was nice and down to earth. He knew his stuff and was genuine. Anything we asked him to do, he did. We were very satisfied.

Estella Hook Mitchell Family

October 22, 2019

Our family has used and have been cared for by NSW as far back as I can remember. It was a positive experience. That's what makes people come back.

Robert Sapp Family

October 14, 2019

The attention to details was amazing. From the music to using her favorite color peach in all aspects possible. You all also included her purse. She never went anywhere without her purse.

Georgia Lee Williams Family

October 14, 2019

Jason was amazing and supportive. He not only met our needs but also our wishes. Jason listened to what I wanted and showed me the variety that met my vision and patiently waited while I made my selection. My husband was a veteran and NSW readily contacted those needed to have that recognition at graveside. Their experience offered us choices that I had no idea existed.

Michael Stewart Family

September 29, 2019

Thank you to the Needham-Storey-Wampner family for making this very difficult time a little easier. We are especially thankful for Tyler Jacobs for his special care of us and Joseph for the extra help the day of the service. We also found the catered meal to be so delicious and exactly what we needed to spend time with our family and friends without the added stress of setup and cleanup. Several family members mentioned how they enjoyed the meal and setting. Thank you again for all the professionalism and kindness. Tim, Sabrina and Tanner Butcher

Sabrina Butcher

September 06, 2019

Jason went over and above for our family. We live in Ohio, so dealing with planning long distance was not a great obstacle for him.

John Edwin Stanley Family

May 29, 2019

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